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OMG Labs Pvt Ltd

OMG! Labs is a British-Indian biotechnology firm started by two friends. We were tired of contaminated proteins and highly processed nutrition. So we founded a small organic collective to create good, wholesome foods to be consumed in a convenient, millennial fashion. OMG! is still a small, friendly firm. During this journey of making transparent, organic, cutting-edge nutrition we moved to India and we gained a number of trustworthy clients. Our objective of creating proteins and developing them organically got a resounding ‘yes’ so was borne OMG!. We are able to scale this through leveraging our networks in organic farming across the world and use these quality protein sources to extract the most efficient and purest proteins (with the help of our cutting-edge biotech). We have patents and a lot of testimonials but no flavorings, no Aspartames, no GMOs and no Chemicals. It all started with two dudes and their passions for organic farming and better food and synthesizing better proteins from good sources. We are essentially concentrating Nature’s goodness. We don’t create anything which is not game-changing hence why we have consolidated our product line to 5 to cater to the core essentials for the active among us. Our products are: WHEY ALPHA : Advanced Whey Protein. It is our own patented filtered whey. It is the most absorbable and bio-available high protein available in the market. This is extremely useful for muscle repair and muscle growth post-running but incredibly useful as an aid during running or fitness-related activity. Our Whey also contains naturally occurring tocopherols to boost anti-oxidant absorption and is routinely used by adults to improve their athletic performance. For Young, Active Adults. SOY ALPHA : Advanced Soy Protein. It is our patented proven soy. It is the only fermented soy protein in the world. It is free from oestrogen-engagement. we have positioned this for women as a product to help in their fitness and running goals. Our Soy also contains Flax seed extract and Vitamin C to aid in digestion and better absorption. We promise high solubility with our Whey and Soy proteins. This is our non-dairy variant and contains more than 85% protein. For Young, Active Adults (Non-Dairy) WHEY LITE : Whey and Carbohydrate mixture for post-running and fitness activity. High solubility with enhanced BCAA activity and stability. Ability to mixed with a variety of semi-soluble compounds. Muscle and Bone growth. All rounder protein. For Adults and Children. CREAPLUS: Creatine matrix. Highly absorbable blend integrated with Fensulin herbs for bio-enhancement and amplification. It is the most effective Creatine in the world. It is proven to be 300 times more absorbable because of the carbohydrate spike to enhance bio-availability, For Athletes. MEAL OF CHAMPIONS: Multi-protein, Multi-fiber Meal. Future of food. Powdered, Balanced meal made with 16 fruits and vegetables, flavored with naturally occurring fruit sugars and natural flavorings. Soy lent variant made with Whey, Soy and Milk proteins. Packed with phyto nutrients and anti-oxidants. Affordable, balanced and convenient meal for the active and the only meal approved by FSSAI. For everybody (especially Champions). All of them are packed with essential amino acids and are packed in HDPE reseal able packaging to seal in the freshness and composition for the entirety of its lifetime.

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What do people need to look out for in their proteins. This is not an exhaustive nor refined list. It lacks the flair from earlier posts but been told off by our 'gorgeous content girl' that I should be less 'elegant' and more 'concise'. So you need the list of ingredients to be understandable, short and filled with Whey Protein Concentrate/Isolate. Any other ingredient is just a filler. The closer to one/two ingredients is the best. The price to be not extraordinarily cheaper than the other products on the shelf because lower prices can only be achieved through amino spiking or adulteration. Trust me, you don't want to go there. Lastly, the content of leucine in the products. Most proteins barely have 8%. Look for proteins with 10% or more. A higher ratio shows authenticity of whey but too high is again fishy. 9% to 11% is good ball park. That's it for now. Stay tuned for daily nutrition updates from March. Maybe some guest posts from Rich Froning, arguably the Fittest Man on Earth. Kasi
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